"I think this may be the last question I answer on here because it's pretty open ended and it's what I've figured out is the best advice I can give. No matter what anybody says or does to you, or what that one person won't say or do to you, and no matter how unhappy and alone you feel in your shoes, keep being you and keep reading books and watching movies and listening to songs (not just music, but actually listen to songs) and trying to hear every story you'll find that more people know exactly what you're going through than you could ever imagine, and have some vital things to teach you if you'll take the time to listen. You never chose to be you, so don't worry what anybody think about it, if you let what other people might think hold you back from doing anything one day you'll realize how unimportant that person's opinion was and wish you had spent more time on the things that make you happy. "Being you" may very well change the opinions of those around you but if they're worth loving they'll still love you and be happy because you're happy, if their views or prejudices or selfish natures priorities are more important to them than your happiness, you don't have time for them. 
You can create something, just keep trying to figure out what it is. The less you lie and make excuses, the less you'll feel overwhelmed or crushed, so just be you and let the world keep up. Always take advantage of help that is offered you but always find ways to be self sufficient because then you'll never have to worry about having to pick between sticking up for your dreams and eating/paying bills. Base your decisions on the advice of the happiest people you know, try your hardest and don't worry about anything else because nothing more can be asked of you. Refuse to accept somebody else's idea of who you should be (whether it's you're friends, your mom and dad, your sister who has sacrificed immensely for you, your pastor who knows your parents, or your coach who thinks you'd be better over here where you don't even have fun playing the game) until somebody shows you the piece of paper you signed agreeing to the circumstances and responsibilities that the world has generously handed you and somehow making you responsible for meeting the standards of people just as lost in this world as you. 
Never consider yourself the coolest or the best but remember that there is sure as hell nobody better than you if you're at least trying to make the most of what was given you. That guy making millions singing songs about girls or swinging a bat, or that girl making millions singing songs about how she'll fuck who she wants when she wants aren't better than you, they just happened to be born in the puzzle piece that included certain other talents and opportunities or were willing to sell their dreams and dignity for an idea of success that was sold to him/her from the time they were a child and will end up more broken, lost, and wasted by the end than you will probably ever know, and if the world does just dump shit on you that you can't handle or just refuses to reward you for any effort you make, fuck it, do what you want, just don't do anything that takes aways from the happiness of innocent bystanders, like I said, you didn't sign up for this and have only really a responsibility to yourself. You will learn as you go that the people who stick around and love you despite you marching to the beat of a percussion instrument they've never even heard before (let alone your own drum) will make your life so much fuller and richer that their happiness becomes equal in importance to your own. Thrive on these relationships and learn that almost every person in the world is that friend for somebody so show them respect until they give you reason not too. Speaking of respect, you deserve it too. When I said nobody was better than you, I meant nobody. Anybody who genuinely disrespects you should automatically lose your respect until they earn it back. Nobody has accomplished anything that gives them the right to treat you with disrespect unless you've already given them reason. 
Start everybody with love and respect but remember that most people who don't know you have little problem taking advantage of you; a lot of people who do know won't either, so never be too timid or shy to stand up for yourself or walk away from people who are bringing you down. Whether they intend to do it or not you don't inherently owe them anything and they're big people who will find something else, just say what's true and walk away. I'm serious, it's all as easy as it sounds, just have faith in yourself and remember that the insecurity you always feel in the back of your mind that you somehow missed some part of the training video and everybody else somehow knows how to do it better than you is the biggest insecurity of every single person you talk to and desire the approval of. Everybody feels like a scared kid among grownups, so really you're just fitting into a world full of scared kids just trying to stumble through the same dark maze you are, they just believe in themselves. 
One of the most important things I could ever tell you is to take the time to analyze, figure out, and remember exactly why it is you believe the things you believe so that when somebody questions you, and they will, you can argue with the confidence of somebody who know they are basing their words and ideas off of the best information they have, and argue your side like you wrote the books on it because you've probably spent more time on it than they have. Never be afraid to speak your mind like it's the quadratic formula because when somebody comes along who busted their ass longer or started sooner and makes you look like a fool, it doesn't matter cause now you're better/smarter, and you're still way ahead of all the people sitting on the sidelines watching the debate. Somebody like that will always come along. Be proud about what you can do and open about what you can't because it will help you keep things in perspective and fewer people will read you as arrogant. No matter what, being confident and opinionated will come across to some people as pompous or arrogant but you'll never be able to explain yourself to everybody so don't worry about it, just remember not to be.
Last but not least, and this may seem obvious to some: You are not responsible for everything. Your family loves you and needs you but when you're spent and can't do it all, they'll survive. The kids in Haiti are going to suffer no matter what you do, or how many nights you stay up thinking about how unfair the world is so help how you can and that's all you can. The ultimate happiness of your parents and relatives does not rest on your success in a specific school or career. The world goes on with or without you so make it take notice but never feel like it would crumble without your strength. 
Actual last thing but really reiteration of really important point, there is nothing you could have done or said, or thing you could be into or passionate about, or belief you do or don't accept that makes you unlovable, there is guaranteed somebody out there who can love you for you, just don't give up or compromise. Nothing is worth it.
You're worth everything."
Bryson Gilreath