-Chuck; still have not stopped to ruin my night?
-Ok. I should never abandoned you & I knew I made the wrong decision since your plane were off...
Distracted myself all summer hoping to don´t feel it but... I still do.
-I was scared...Scared that if we spent all the summer togheter just us...then you´ll see.
-See what?
-Me...Please don´t leave with him...
-Why? Give me a reason...& "I´m Chuck Bass" doesn´t count.
-`Cause you don´t want to.
-Not good enough.
-`Cause I don´t want to you...
-It´s not good enough!
-What else it´s there?
-The true reason I should stay right where I am & not get in the car...Three words; eight letters... Say it & I´m yours.
-Thank you.It´s all I need to hear.